Your carbon footprint is a measurement of your impact on the environment we live in and how much you contribute to greenhouse gases produced that negatively affect the atmosphere. A variety of everyday activities such as driving a car or using electricity at home contributes to a carbon footprint. 

Can New! Heating & Cooling LLC help lower your everyday carbon footprint and utility bills?

Yes, this professionally licensed and insured company has all the qualifications to save you anywhere from 20% to 50% on higher than average utility bills with a do it once, do it right service. Your savings will equal a lower carbon footprint and a step closer to a more environmentally aware nation. 

Currently, 100 million tons of carbon dioxide is produced annually from running HVAC systems in our homes and businesses. If your HVAC system is close to a 20-year life span, you can expect costly repairs at the most inconvenient time possible, higher than normal utility bills, and a higher carbon footprint.  Replacing your home HVAC equipment with quality American made products will be a win for both you and the earth, and ultimately give you comfort that stands the test of time. 

But why buy from New! Heating & Cooling LLC?

New! Heating and Cooling LLC has American-made products and registered equipment to give you the best warranties. It has also proven to lower utility bills, and is a company that cares about the future of the nation. New! Heating and Cooling LLC is also Kansas City local and has permitted city inspections performed on all work. They are licensed and insured to give you a professional zero liability service at a competitive no-hassle investment amount. Do your family and earth a favor and choose new incentives offered with same day service. 

Can we control these negative effects on the atmosphere, and do the little things matter?

Yes, we can make conscious efforts every day to control the outcome and provide a better future for ourselves and the planet we live on. Here are some other great ways to do your part:

Planting a garden in the back yard or making a local community garden has significant effects despite being something so simple. The fewer miles traveled to put food on the table is the overall benefit, but other benefits include self-fulfillment and bringing the family together around the dinner table for a great home-cooked meal. 

Another minor but essential effort you can make is to hang or line dry clothes. Old-fashioned, you might say? How does saving 200+ dollars per year on electric bills and dropping 2000 plus pounds annually in carbon footprints per household sound? By hanging or line drying clothes, you’ll also be eliminating harmful chemicals and bacteria from absorbing into your skin as you’ll be using the world’s UV light to disinfect. You’ll be saving ten plus people’s lives per year and 100 million dollars worth of structural damages due to dryer fires. 

Lowering your carbon footprint is also as easy as unplugging unused devices. On an annual basis, not unplugging these electronics is the equivalent of a carbon footprint of 33 cars and 18 billion added to utility bills of hard-working Americans.

Somewhat new options today allow for the installation of solar panels.  The upfront may be costly, but the reoccurring benefits of lowering air pollution, water pollution, and greenhouse gases are beneficial in reducing the everyday carbon footprint.

We as Americans are, sadly, pretty wasteful and focused on short term fixes rather than  long term, one time, quality fixes that may be more costly upfront. Buying quality parts, appliances, cars, clothes, etc., will allow for money to be saved on recurring challenges.  As an example, buying cheap clothes that end up with holes and rips after a handful of times wearing them is a problem. Garments are then thrown away to end up in a landfill, and now you must buy more, which end up with a higher travel carbon footprint. 

So what are you going to do to reduce your carbon footprint?