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We are Kansas City's one stop solution for licensed, insured, and EPA certified HVAC professionals.

In addition to inspections, repairs, and installation, we also practice proper handling and disposal of HVAC equipment and refrigerants which is not only beneficial for the environment but also local Kansas City communities and the surrounding areas near and far.

Conventional air conditioners & Heat pumps

This is the heart of the refrigeration system. The likely culprit for those high bills in the summertime. New! Heating & Cooling provides maintenance and repairs on all brands to ensure they are operating in tip top shape.


All year round, the thermostat is the commander to every HVAC system. Set it and forget it or open the new app for control on the go. New! Heating & Cooling offers a solution to all with our lineup of industry leading controls.


Standard heater or today’s high efficiency? Mostly used in homes that have natural gas or have a propane hook up. Either way works great to heat things up.

Air Handlers

These are great for all electric homes and cooling only applications. New! Heating & Cooling maintains and services all brands.

Ductless mini splits

For any homes and/or rooms when metal ducting just won’t cut it. These high efficiency systems are great for maintaining comfort when it feels out of reach from the rest of the home. Add comfortable climate controlled square footage to the home with our industry leading ductless mini splits.

Filter slots

Electronic air cleaner, Media filter cabinet, or simply an easy to remove and install air filter slot. The replacement of the home’s air filter should not be difficult or time consuming. We provide a breath of fresh air by using the most common sizes of filters to ensure a right fit.

Air purifiers

Are you looking for an air purification system for your home? Check out this video on iWave Air Purification that you can get from your local HVAC contractor

Custom sheet metals

All work is done on the job site. Cuts, bends, and cross breaks are all normal practice when adding ducting to a new room, replacement of outdated ducting, and adding air flow to a basement project.

Gas pipes

When replacing old gas pipes we use tried and true practice to ensure the pathway for the fuel is sturdy and rigid to stand the test of time without any leaks.

Flue venting

Health and safety first when venting the byproducts from burning fuel to heat our homes. New! Heating & Cooling ensures a proper slope is used to safely complete this task while making it look good. If it doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t.

Copper refrigerant lines

Refrigerant Leak? It may not be the home HVAC system. These lines are vital to your home’s air conditioner/heat pump. Bends and damages to the copper lines can also affect your home HVAC system.  

Drain pipe & pumps

Is the HVAC system next to a floor drain? Perfect.  Schedule 40 PVC is the way to go. If not, stray away from that PVC drain being stretched out and waiting to be tripped over. New! Heating & Cooling can install a pump to send that condensation inside to a home plumbing system or even outside to a nearby plant or garden.

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